Oeiras Trail – trail running races in Lisbon

Lisbon hosts many running events. Almost every weekend, you can find a running race in town or in the Lisbon region. For trail running races in Lisbon, you can find events in Monsanto Forest Park (in Lisbon itself), in Sintra, Arrábida or even Oeiras. On June 30th, the Oeiras Trail will take place at less […]

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Running routes in Lisbon – TOP 5

Lisbon is a wonderful city for runners. You can choose to run flat by the river or hit some hills in the city’s downtown. There are also many parks. To help you pick the best option for you, we’ve selected our favorite running routes in Lisbon.

Lisbon is a fairly safe city, considering other European capital […]

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Running races in Lisbon – Ultamaratona Atlântica

The running scene in Portugal is on fire. Every weekend there are running races in Lisbon and in other Portuguese cities. In fact, sometimes there are even more than one running races in Lisbon happening simultaneously.

At Run in Portugal we’re always looking to discover new running races in Lisbon with unique experiences. We’re fan of […]

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Half Marathon in Lagos

About the half marathon in Lagos:

Looking for more information about the yearly Half Marathon in Lagos? Let us help!

This fantastic race starts and finishes in the modern Marina of the city. Along with the half marathon, there is also a run of 5,5km, named as mini-marathon, and a walk.

The Lagos Half Marathon is one of the […]

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Trail running in Lisbon  – Duratrail Race in Setúbal

Trail running in Lisbon is rather easy, both for just an enjoyable training or to participate in a race. Around Lisbon you can find a broad range of trail races withing 1 hour drive from the city. Trail running in Lisbon can be done for example:

 in Monsanto Forest Park in Lisbon itself
 in the […]

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