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Lisbon hosts many running events. Almost every weekend, you can find a running race in town or in the Lisbon region. For trail running races in Lisbon, you can find events in Monsanto Forest Park (in Lisbon itself), in Sintra, Arrábida or even Oeiras. On June 30th, the Oeiras Trail will take place at less than half an hour drive from the center of Lisbon.

TheFábrica da Pólvora Bacarena

The Oeiras Trail is a great chance if you’d like participate in one of the many trail running races in Lisbon. The event will take place on the trails around Bacarena. There will be a long and a short trail, 20K and 10K respectively. The long trail is designed for runners while the short trail can also be done walking. The start and finish line will be at Fábrica da Pólvora.

Long trail – 20K

The short race of Oeiras Trail will be around 10K with a total of 330m D+. The fees to enrol are only 10€ until the end of May and will then increase to 12,50€ until June 23rd. The longer race of Oeiras Trail will be around 20K with a total of 566m D+. The fees to enrol are only 12,50€ until the end of May and will then increase to 15€ until June 23rd. The start times are 9h00 for the 20K and 9h15 for the 10K race.

Short trail – 10K

Regarding aid stations, the long race will have two aid stations and one at the finish line and the shorter one, one aid station and one at the finish. For environmental reasons, there won’t be single-use water bottles, so you will have to fill your own cup or reservoir in the filling areas.

Will you join us trail running in Lisbon? Find out more and subscribe to the Oeiras Trail here.

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