Running routes in Lisbon – TOP 5

Lisbon is a wonderful city for runners. You can choose to run flat by the river or hit some hills in the city’s downtown. There are also many parks. To help you pick the best option for you, we’ve selected our favorite running routes in Lisbon.

Lisbon is a fairly safe city, considering other European capital cities. We’ve personally never had any issues during our runs, not even at night or in the narrowest and darkest alleys, on our own. We’ve also never heard of any uncomfortable situations among running, so we’d say: enjoy our running routes in Lisbon!

running routes in Lisbon
We love running along the fresh air of the River

Running routes in Lisbon – TOP 5

  1. Along the river from Cais do Sodré in direction of Belém

    This route is super flat. We love it because of the lovely view over the Tagus River and the 25th of April Bridge. The air also feels cleaner along the river. A down point of this route is that it’s not circular. You’ll run forth and back on the same path. It’s a cycling path that’s also used by runners. We especially like this route by sunset as the colorful skies make the scenery even more magical. Running along the river is surely one of our classic running routes in Lisbon.

  2. Along the river in Parque das Nações

    Parque das Nações is the modern part of the city. Here you can find very nice walking paths along the river and some parks. You’ll have a stunning view over the Vasco da Gama Bridge. Did you know this bridge holds Lisbon’s half in October?

  3. Cidade Universitária

    Cidade Universitária is a part of town where you’ll find most of Lisbon’s faculties. It’s a true student hub. Here you’ll find EUL, Estádio Universitário de Lisboa. It’s a broad sports park with tennis courts, football fields, gyms and also a running track. You can simply enjoy running around the whole park or pay a small fee to have access to the track.

  4. Monsanto Forest Park

    Personally, our favorite running routes in Lisbon are in Monsanto. The Monsanto Forest Park is a municipal protected forest in Lisbon. Monsanto is the largest green patch in the city, with almost 1000 ha. You’ll find many nice single tracks and some good hills to train for your trail races.

  5. Lisbon’s city trails

    Lisbon’s city trails are our most common “playground”. As we live in the city center, we love it to simply run out of the door and hit some hills. We like running the cobble-stoned alleys of Bairro Alto, Bica, Mouraria, Alfama and the Intendente area. If you like hills and would like to see some of Lisbon’s most impressive viewpoints, you should try this route!

From Monsanto, you can also get a cool view over the city!

We strongly encourage you to explore Lisbon on your own, especially if you want to run along the river in Cais do Sodré or Parque das Nações. If you’d like to explore some of the trails in Monsanto, you might want our company to show you some of the best trails and don’t get lost ;) The same applies the city trails. One of the things we like doing most is picking up runners at their accommodation and show them our favorite viewpoints and other points of interests.

Our running routes for sightrunning in Lisbon are 100% personalized according to the pace and interests of the runner. Feel free to contact us to know more or to book your sightrunning tour. We look forward to show your the best of Lisbon while running!

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