The running scene in Portugal is on fire. Every weekend there are running races in Lisbon and in other Portuguese cities. In fact, sometimes there are even more than one running races in Lisbon happening simultaneously.

At Run in Portugal we’re always looking to discover new running races in Lisbon with unique experiences. We’re fan of the most known races like the Marathon of Lisbon or the new year’s event – São Silvestre de Lisboa, but we were now looking for something truly different. That’s when we found the Ultamaratona Atlântica.

This year, the Ultamaratona Atlântica takes place on July 1st. The race starts at the enchanting beach of Melides and has two distances:

  • 15km from Comporta to Melides Beach
  • 43km from Melides Beach to Bico das Lulas Beach in Troia
Prices for the 15km range from 25 a 50 euros and for the ultramarathon from 35 a 70 euros, depending on when you enrol. You can register on the official website of the race.

The Ultramartaona Atlântica is a very special race for several reasons:
1. It takes place on the beach, so you’ll be running in the sand;
2. It takes place during the summer, the hottest time of the year, which is surely an additional challenge;
3. It is s an Adventure Race with the particularity to be held on self-sufficiency.

About the beach:

This race takes place at some of the prettiest beaches of Portugal. The ultramarathon from Melides to Troia is known for being extremely tough due to the sand and uneven sand levels. But you’ll get enough energy by the breathtaking surroundings that will be with you during the whole race.
Regarding running shoes, some prefer light trail running shoes, while others opt for their regular running shoes or even barefoot.

About the heat:

During July it can already be very warm in Portugal. In fact, July is the hottest and dryest month in Troia. Temperatures range in between 15 degrees at night and may reach over 30 degrees during the day with an incredible average monthly total of sun hours of 400.
Given these extreme circumstances, the Ultamaratona Atlântica is a true challenge. It’s highly recommended to cary enough water and other hydration as well as sun protection like a hat and sunscreen.

About the self-sufficiency:

The Race Organization supplies at the starting area 1 piece of fruit, 1 gel or 1 energy bar.
Apart from this supply, you can take another solid or liquid supply, as you wish. All supplies will be transported by yourself from the start area and will be under your own responsibility. It is not allowed to receive any supplies along the route, except for 1L of water delivered by the Organization. At finish area, you’ll have access to liquids and fruits.

We’ll be there on July 1st. How about you? Do you dare to join us on one of the most challenging running races in Lisbon? Let us know or feel free to register.