Our top 4 best spots for running in Lisbon

I love running in Lisbon. On average, I guess I run in Lisbon three to four times a week. Fortunately the Portuguese capital offers many options for running. Today, I share some of my favourite spots for running in Lisbon. The order of these spots to run in Lisbon is irrelevant. I like all of […]

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Run in the Azores – Columbus Trail 2017

You may already know that we love to run in the Azores. Especially me, as I have already had the pleasure of visiting the archipelago to run twice. About the Azores Islands themselves, feel free to check out this blog post we wrote about them. The Azores are a group of islands part of Portugal located […]

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Training in Lisbon – running in Lisbon with your training plan

From sightrunning to training in Lisbon

We decided to start this project to do sightrunning tours in Lisbon: take people running through Lisbon while showing them around the city. Recently we’ve been receiving some special requests by our customers: helping them keeping up with their training schedule while here in Lisbon. So, today we’ll write about […]

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The best Half Marathon in the Algarve: Lagos

Where? Lagos, Algarve!
Lagos, a cute fishermen town in the Algarve, Portugal, is known for many things, like its stunning beaches and browsing nightlife. There are many things to do in Lagos and in the Algarve in general. Running may not be the first thing that pops up in your mind when talking about the Algarve, […]

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Running on the Azores

The Azores, a Portuguese archipelago located on about one-third on the way from Lisbon to New York are truly unknown natural gems of Europe. The Azores are a great holiday destination, especially during the Fall / Winter when it’s nice and quiet. We love running on the Azores, let us tell you why!

The nine Portuguese […]

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