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Race report: Corrida Atlântica 2019

4 reasons why you should join us in the Corrida Atlântica 2019

This year, we participated for the second time in the Corrida Atlântica, part of the Ultramaratona Atlântica. The race is 15K from Comporta Beach to Bico das Lulas Beach in Troia, the whole route being done on the sand. We had a blast!

Corrida Atlântica 2019
Corrida Atlântica 2019

Here are the reasons why you should participate in this race:

1. It’s a very unique, stunning and challenging race with two distances, so it’s suitable for several levels of “craziness”: 15K from Comporta Beach to Bico das Lulas Beach in Troia and 43K from Melides Beach to Bico das Lulas Beach in Troia.

First, we got some soft sand, then the beach turned into a running track

2. It’s one of the only running races in Portugal during the warm summer months, so it’s ideal to stay in shape during summer.

The start line in Comporta

3. Having a different start and endpoint, the race is very well organized with a boat and bus transfer service.

Crossing the finish line is always rewarding!

4. In Portugal, there’s not much of running culture, when compared with other countries like Spain, for example. However, this race, being on the beach, counts with quite some cheering by the beach-goers ;)

The welcome crew

See you at the Ultramaratona Atlântica 2020? We’ll be there for the 15K Corrida Atlântica, for sure!







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