What is Run in Portugal?

Run in Portugal is a new way to discover Portugal, from a runner’s perspective. We organize both running tours in the Lisbon region, as training, or we can provide you anything you need to participate in a race in Portugal, both trail and road races, all around the country, from Oporto to Lagos.


What do your running tours consist of?

We organize running tours in Lisbon, our home, covering several tours, of multiple lengths and levels of difficulty. Our local guides will inform you all about the highlights along the tour. Lisbon, due to its topography, offers running tours for all tastes; an easy run along the river, a city trail through the narrow streets of the old part of the city, a long run to Cascais or a trail run in the Monsanto Forest. Besides Lisbon, where we live, we can also take you to other locations, particularly to the mountains, like Serra de Sintra or Serra do Montejunto, which trail running paradises within one hour drive from Lisbon.


What do your race organization consist of?

If you want to come to Portugal to race, we can arrange anything you need, from BIP number to recovery massages. We have got partners in the fields of accommodation, food, personal trainers, flights, local transport, gym, massages, sport gear, such that we can set up a totally personalized package for you.


How far in advance should I book my running tour / race trip?

As all running tours and race trips are personalized, the more notice you give us, the better. We make every effort possible to accommodate each run request. However, requests for running tours within a 24 hour period are subject to guide availability. If booking within 24 hours of the requested time, we will contact you via phone to confirm your request.


Where do I keep my stuff during the running tours?

Your local guide will take a backpack and is happy to carry your personal items like wallets, keys or phone. Please leave you larger items at your accommodation or let us know in advance if you need a space to store it.


What if it rains on the day of my running tour?

We run in almost any weather conditions. It’s very rare for us to cancel a running tour, but of course, if weather conditions are extremely severe, the decision to cancel the run will depend on you and your guide. In this case, you will have the choice between a refund or to reschedule the run.


How many runners will participate in my running tour?

Your running tour is personalized, so it will be just for you and your friends or family. Your choice! If there are other runners interested in the same tour at the same time, we will check with you if it’s OK to join. The more souls, the more fun!


Do I need to make a reservation for a running tour?

Yes, since all tours are personalized, you should make a reservation.


Do the running tours have stops? What is the pace?

As all tours are personalized, the amount of stops and pace depends on you (within a given time limit). We love to take time to enjoy the views, either from the city of Lisbon or from the peaks of the mountains in Sintra, so we are happy to have a break during the run to catch breath, drink water and take a picture of course!


What time is my running tour?

We prefer to run in the morning, from 7h30 to 10h00 ideally, sunset runs are also great, so from, 19h00 onwards. The time of your rum depends on your preference, but we will take into account the heat and traffic.


In what language do you speak?

Your local guide speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish or Dutch. We also speak a bit French or German. Please let us know your desired language when contacting us.

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  1. Good day,

    I hope your doing well.

    I am currently living in Lisbon and was hoping with your experience, could you be so kind to share some light on the rules for runners:

    If running on the road, do we run in the direction of incoming traffic? This is the correct way in most international countries.

    The other rule is are we allowed to run in the cycling lanes, and if yes is it once again against traffic or with the flow of traffic?

    Kind regards

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