Terms & Conditions

All runners who submit a booking form accept all the terms & conditions that follow. The present contract is between Run in Portugal  (“we” or “us”) and the individual named in this application form (“you”).

1) The basic requirements to run with Run in Portugal are to feel fit and be at least 18 years old. Adult supervision must be provided for all activities where participants are under 18 years of age. Run in Portugal’s tours are designed for people with a certain level of fitness, capable of running at an easy pace for about an hour, at least. Run in Portugal assumes that each participant is healthy and has no medical condition that would preclude him or her from taking part. You should not participate in the run if there are any medical, physical or other factors indicating that you are not suited to such an activity.

2) You will inform Run in Portugal in writing of all medical complaints or limitations, even if you don’t think they will affect running. Our tours do not include any kind of medical assistance.

3) Run in Portugal is not responsible for any health problems caused during the tours. Run in Portugal does not act in solo parentis and does not assume any liability for bodily injury, accident or other mishap that may occur during our tours.

4) Run in Portugal will not be responsible for any accidents that are caused by acts attributable to you or a third party. Run in Portugal is not liable for any consequences arising from such situations, neither to you, or by you to third parties.

5) You expressly accept and assume all risks that may arise during our tours.

6) You can cancel your reservation for a tour whenever you want by sending us an e-mail or giving us a call. We are happy to reschedule, at no additional cost, if not, we will refund your money.

7) In the following cases the organizer can withdraw from the contract:

  • in case of force majeure.
  • in case of sudden illness of a guide.
  • if the customer or a participant of a group of the customer continues to disturb or if he or she behaves against the terms of the contract to such a degree that immediate cancellation is justified.
  • if the customer does not observe the agreed conditions of the contract.

8) The payment of the service is made upon completion of the service in cash without any deduction.

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