Ultra Trail Monte da Lua

Tomorrow the Ultra Trail of “Monte da Lua” takes place in Sintra. Last year I participated and had a great time, but this year, I decided not to. Several reaons are behin this decision, maily the fact that we’re in July and the weather has been HOT. I don’t really enjoy running in the heat, […]

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Piódão Ultra Trail – a rollercoaster of pain and beauty

You might ask me where some of those stunning pictures on the homepage were taken. Well, that was at Piódão Ultra Trail this year. I had been there in 2014, for the 25km trail and this year went back to become an ultra-runner.

In March this year, I participated in the Piódão Ultra Trail, my first […]

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So, let’s Run in Portugal!

A little bit about me, this project and this blog.

Originally Dutch, I grew up in Portugal, Algarve and Lisbon, since my 10th.

“If you’re not doing what you love you’re wasting your time”.

That’s why I founded Run in Portugal. I love Portugal and I love running – either in the city or on the trails, […]

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