8 Tips to Run in the Heat

Summer months… BBQs, sunset parties, after work drinks, holidays, heat. There are many obstacles to keeping on training during the summer months.

Being on holidays, most of the times on a warm beach destination, we may not feel motivated to run due to the heat.

Portugal is also a very warm country during the summer months, from […]

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But what is sightrunning in Lisbon?

Along with organizing holiday trips to race (road or trails) in Portugal, Run in Portugal is a specialist in sightrunning in Lisbon, Portugal. But what is sight running?
Sightrunning = sightseeing + running
The concept of sighrunning is blazing away around the globe, after being founded in the US. Sightrunning is exploring a city while running where […]

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Ultra Trail Monte da Lua

Tomorrow the Ultra Trail of “Monte da Lua” takes place in Sintra. Last year I participated and had a great time, but this year, I decided not to. Several reaons are behin this decision, maily the fact that we’re in July and the weather has been HOT. I don’t really enjoy running in the heat, […]

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Piódão Ultra Trail – a rollercoaster of pain and beauty

You might ask me where some of those stunning pictures on the homepage were taken. Well, that was at Piódão Ultra Trail this year. I had been there in 2014, for the 25km trail and this year went back to become an ultra-runner.

In March this year, I participated in the Piódão Ultra Trail, my first […]

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So, let’s Run in Portugal!

A little bit about me, this project and this blog.

Originally Dutch, I grew up in Portugal, Algarve and Lisbon, since my 10th.

“If you’re not doing what you love you’re wasting your time”.

That’s why I founded Run in Portugal. I love Portugal and I love running – either in the city or on the trails, […]

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