Ultra Trail Monte da Lua

Tomorrow the Ultra Trail of “Monte da Lua” takes place in Sintra. Last year I participated and had a great time, but this year, I decided not to. Several reaons are behin this decision, maily the fact that we’re in July and the weather has been HOT. I don’t really enjoy running in the heat, I prefer cold and rain :) Another reason is that lateley, I’ve been a bit off-run, investing more time in my social non-running life and have not been training much. Nevertheless, given the beauty of this event, I decided to share some pictures about it. You never know… maybe we can participate next year!
The event consist of two races, one of 20+ and one of 50+ km. The races take plae in between the mountains and the coast line of the Sintra region. The Sintra Mountains, a granite massif ten kilometres long – considered the Monte da Lua (Mountain of the Moon), by the strong local tradition of astral cults – emerge abruptly between a vast plain to the north and the northern margin of the Tagus River estuary, winding in a serpentine cordillera towards the Atlantic Ocean and Cabo da Roca, the most westerly point of continental Europe. The temperate climate and humidity resulting from proximity to the coast favour the growth of a rich mat of forest includong Atlantic and Mediterranean species, marking the transition in Portugal from northern to southern vegetation.

In fact, it is thanks to the vegetation and natuaral surroundings that this race has a lot of fans… despite the heat.



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