But what is sightrunning in Lisbon?

Along with organizing holiday trips to race (road or trails) in Portugal, Run in Portugal is a specialist in sightrunning in Lisbon, Portugal. But what is sight running?

Sightrunning = sightseeing + running

The concept of sighrunning is blazing away around the globe, after being founded in the US. Sightrunning is exploring a city while running where you change opinions and questions with your (personal) guide. It can also be called running sightseeing, sightrunning, sightjogging or simply running tours… as you wish.

It’s a truly global trend as it’s rare to find a capital city in Europe or a state capital in US where there are no sightrunning tours. The concept is really simple and straightforward: a local runner, guides guests through their home city while sharing interesting facts, history and other inside information.

Who takes these tours are usually business people who are in town for a very short time and want to make most out of their stay and check out the city in a running pace while staying fit. Also active travellers who want to avoid the touristiest ways of exploring a city like the city tours by bus or Tuk-tuk (very common in Lisbon) and use a sportier and environmentally friendly way. Another benefit is that you can discover places where the common city tour guides won’t take you but will show you the real soul of the city, running along hidden and unknown pearls that only locals are aware of.

Sightrunning is not only about running. During the tour, the runners have time to stop by the many sights to receive information and take photos if they want. You can decide when you want to take a pause because usually the tours are private tours or small group tours.

According to Go! Running Tours, an umbrella organisation for sightrunning companies worldwide, sightrunning is:

  • Authentic: A unique chance to run with a local and let them show you their city.
  • Fun: Just trust us – it is really fun.
  • Healthy: No matter if, you join a 5 k tour or a 25 k tour, this activity is a healthy and active way of experiencing a city (and are for some of our guests the ticket for eating that extra ice cream with good conscience).
  • Social: All the tours are informal and feel free to chat with the guide and the other runners.
  • Unique: Do not be surprised if your guide shows you their favorite spot in the city or if they make a detour to show you, an exhibition because you mentioned liked Modern Art.

The organization also alerts about what sightrunning is not:

  • It is not a tour where you are in a large group and follow a guide with a flag on a long stick, like you’d imagine if you combine tourist guides with running.  It is also not a tour where the guide performs a monologue and you listen.
  • It is not a training session. No need to look at that GPS watch constantly because we can with 100% guarantee you that the day you do a running tour is not the day you set a new Personal Record. So, lean back and just enjoy the ride.
  • It is not a tour where you get the same information as in the guidebook. Your guide will give you “their” city so expect a personal and unique run through the city.


So, does sightrunning sound interesting to you? Book now, we are the specialist for Lisbon! ;)



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