So, let’s Run in Portugal!

A little bit about me, this project and this blog.

Originally Dutch, I grew up in Portugal, Algarve and Lisbon, since my 10th.

“If you’re not doing what you love you’re wasting your time”.

That’s why I founded Run in Portugal. I love Portugal and I love running – either in the city or on the trails, either just for fun or to race. And that’s also the reason why I recently decided to follow my heart and, together with my sister, boost maritime tourism in Portugal through, an online platform where tourists can discover, compare and book the best sea related activities. This project aims to become a global leader in this special niche.

So, I quit my full-time job and am now dedicated to these two projects with all my love and dedication.

Before that, I completed her BSc. in Economics by Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon (2008-2011). After having passed through an incredible and extremely enriching experience in Mexico for a one semester exchange program, I went back to my roots, Utrecht, to obtain a MSc. degree in International Economics and Business, specialized in Globalization and Development. My passion for statistics and social sciences resulted in a master thesis about the Brain Drain in Portugal.

I started my career as a Management Consultant in Lisbon as well as Community Manager in Portugal for the largest European private network for CIOs – CIONET. The next step was to exploit my international network and experience, bridging between the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and Portugal (Lisbon) to serve the Dutch market for agap2 IT, a European IT consultancy company.

Today, my passion about the city of Lisbon aligned with the amazing city trail paradise I live in, made me discover the best must-see places of Lisbon while running. And… I want to show them to you!

I speak fluently Portuguese, English, Dutch and Spanish, and if it makes you happy I can even try some German or French!

When I’m not guiding my guests through the beautiful streets of Lisbon or surrounding hills, I continue to collect (ultra)marathon medals around Europe.

In sum, I’m a run lover from Portugal, and me or my running peers are about to show you the best running tours in Lisbon or its surroundings and make your vacation in Portugal unforgettable! Ready, set…

Oh, and this blog. On this blog I will share my experiences, tips, recommendations and issues related to the topics of running and traveling and the relation between the two.

Happy readings, happy runs!






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