Training in Lisbon and Running in Lisbon

Training in Lisbon – running in Lisbon with your training plan

From sightrunning to training in Lisbon

We decided to start this project to do sightrunning tours in Lisbon: take people running through Lisbon while showing them around the city. Recently we’ve been receiving some special requests by our customers: helping them keeping up with their training schedule while here in Lisbon. So, today we’ll write about training in Lisbon.

Sightseeing and running in Lisbon are a great match. We’ve got several tours to show visitors around the city. While running in Lisbon you can get to see so much more than other sightseeing guided tours.

Running in Lisbon - urban art everywhere!
Running in Lisbon – urban art everywhere!

The sightseeing running tours in Lisbon are going well. Our runners love it. They love it to keep fit while they’re abroad. They love it to get to know the city with a local. This authentic character of our sightrunning tours in Lisbon is what makes them a success. It’s interesting to see that we have customers from two segments: leisure travellers who are on holidays in Lisbon and people who visit for business in Lisbon.

And us, guides? We love guiding you through our amazing city. Running is Lisbon is great, be it along the refreshing Tagus River, under the trees of our forest or up and down the hills of the city centre. For us, it’s an amazing experience to meet different people on every run. People who love running and want to discover our beautiful city. People from all over the world with a broad range of backgrounds and cultures.

Give us your plan and let’s go training in Lisbon!

Now, let’s talk about training in Lisbon. As we said above, we’ve been receiving requests by runners who do not really care about the sightseeing, all they want is to keep up with their training plan. We’ve had a few people who were training for a certain race and had a training schedule that implied running several times a week and were seeking company to go running in Lisbon.

We’re happy to go running in Lisbon with you if you’re here for a while, be it for your job or leisure, and are simply looking for someone to run with you. We’re not confortable in creating training plans, but if you already have one, we’re happy to help you comply with it while you’re in Lisbon.

Running in Lisbon - do you prefer hills or flat?
Running in Lisbon – do you prefer hills or flat?

For training in Lisbon, we’re very flexible in terms of schedules and availabilities and also in terms of paces. During the hot summer season, we prefer to run in the morning or evening, like 8AM or 8PM, but in the fresher days we can also go during the day. We’ve got guides who can run with you if you’re a “sexy slow” runner and other guides if you’re faster. We’ve got short routes and longer ones, flat ones and hilly ones. We’ll do our best to pick you up at your accommodation and guide you through your training schedule.

If you’re looking for someone to go training with in Lisbon, let us know. We know the best places to go running in Lisbon and will adapt to your pace and wishes. If it are several runs, of course we’re happy to arrange a nice price. Make sure you contact us as soon as possible to guarantee availability by one of our guides. Let’s go running in Lisbon! Running together is more fun and motivating!


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