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Our top 4 best spots for running in Lisbon

I love running in Lisbon. On average, I guess I run in Lisbon three to four times a week. Fortunately the Portuguese capital offers many options for running. Today, I share some of my favourite spots for running in Lisbon. The order of these spots to run in Lisbon is irrelevant. I like all of them and ideally alternate between them.

Top 4 spots to run in Lisbon:

  1. From Marquês de Pombal to the river and back

This route is perfect if you’re short on time. The route I’m talking about (check it out here) is about 7,5 km in total. Given that Lisbon is a rather hilly city this is a “medium” option in terms of hills. From Marquês de Pombal to the river and back you’ll slightly climb on your way back. This route for running in Lisbon starts at the scenic “miradouro” of the Eduardo the 7th park and will take you down to the magical Terreiro do Paço square with stunning views over the river. Later, you’ll be running in Lisbon’s main avenue and up along some authentic Lisbon streets.

  1. Monsanto Forest Park

The forest park of Monsanto is surely one of the best spots for running in Lisbon. With almost 1000 ha, you’ll have plenty of trails and also roads to make you feel far away from the city. There are some sign posted trails, but we really recommend joining us for a run in this forest park to make sure you’ll get to see the best trails and run the distance you prefer.

  1. Along the Tagus River in between Cais do Sodré and Belém

Running in Lisbon is very popular in between Cais do Sodré and Belém. If you run from one side to the other and back along the river, it will be around 13,5 km totally flat (check the map here). Along this route you’ll probably find the most runners in Lisbon. The best time to run here is sunset because you’ll have a stunning scenery. Make sure you run from Cais to Belém to enjoy the breath-taking colours of the sky ;) We’d be happy to run with you here (check offer).

  1. Run along the river in modern Lisbon

Starting from the Marina of Lisbon and running along the river up to a parking lot and back will take you about 9 km (check map here). This is another classic route for running in Lisbon. The route is totally flat and will show you around a modern part of the city. You’ll also run under the impressive Vasco da Gama Bridge. This run is also part of our sightrunning tours.

Running in Lisbon (15)
From fancy avenues to narrow alleys, Lisbon is a great spot for runners with all tastes!

Of course this is a mere top 4, but there are many more fabulous spots for running in Lisbon. Let us know if you want to know more! The best time to run in Lisbon is before or after the times of major traffic. Morning runs are great to start your day and still have a nice day in this beautiful city. You can explore these spots yourself or contact me and we’ll join you for a run in Lisbon. By running in Lisbon with someone from our team, you’ll make sure you’ll get to see the best of Lisbon. We’ll make the most out of your limited time!

Let’s discover Lisbon while running?


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